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The Rak Wall Hung Toilet toilet may appear to be the simplest fixture to choose when remodeling a bathroom. Unfortunately, because of this, the toilet is frequently disregard until it’s time to choose one, although it’s the bathroom’s entire purpose. At that point, you understand how mistaken you were.

In any Ceramic Basin Bathroom, selecting the appropriate toilet is essential. Uncertain of your options? Be at ease; chaozhoumoonbasa is here to guide you through it.

Rak Wall Hung Toilet

A Rak Wall Hung Toilet has the tank concealed within the wall, with only the bowl showing. Due to its streamlined appearance and several advantages, it is love by minimalists and others who appreciate streamlined design.

A wall-hung toilet has the following advantages:

  1. Sleek
  2. Stylish
  3. minimalist design
  4. stylish appearance
  5. more floor space
  6. the appearance of openness and space
  7. an adjustable height
  8. ease of cleaning;
  9. Accessibility for those with impairments.

Do Wall-Hung Toilets Need More Upkeep Than Regular Toilets Do?

Contrary to popular opinion, maintaining wall-hung toilets is not challenging. An actuator opens to provide access when the toilet has to be repaire, saving you from having to destroy the entire wall if there is a problem. Make sure the toilet you order has an access panel.

Wall-hung toilets may need to be tightened or repaire as they are more likely to leak and become loose over time, especially with poor installation.

How Are Wall-Hung Toilets Supposed To Be Cleaned?

Because they are one piece and don’t contact the ground, wall-mounted toilets are simpler to clean than ordinary toilets. Use your chosen toilet cleanser, disinfectant, or other cleaning solution, and a toilet brushes to clean only the bowl, rim, and lid; then, take pleasure in having fewer toilet parts to clean!

How Is A Toilet Mounted To The Wall Installed?

A wall-mounted toilet has several advantages but is more difficult to install than a regular toilet.

The sleek tank of the toilet is support by a sturdy metal frame fastened to wall studs. The toilet’s components are then build into the wall, leaving the bowl—which does not touch the floor—protruding from the structure. As a result, these toilets are very strong and won’t start drooping over time if they are build correctly (hire a reliable, skilled plumber).


Depending on the wall thickness and location, these toilets might not be suitable for installation in every bathroom or every residence. A thicker wall, expert installation, and partial wall removal are necessary for a wall-hung toilet.

In cold areas, mounting a toilet to an exterior wall should be avoide because it might cause frozen pipes and cause a lot of trouble.

This sort of toilet is perfect for practically any bathroom unless one does not like how a wall-mounted toilet looks, is unwilling to handle a more difficult installation, or cannot afford the additional expenditures.


The quality of your toilet is crucial; over its lifetime, a low-quality toilet will frequently cost you more in repairs or replacements. At, we take pride in carrying top-quality toilets. Call us right away for additional information.

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